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Liquorice root tea for coughs & colds? Tea Freaks gives it a whirl

One good thing to come out of this awful cold-mageddon (it’s a thing ok?) is – I’M BACK FELLOW TEA FREAKS! Back and posting for real.

Let’s ignore the last couple of months of radio silence (please?) and instead ponder the cold-mageddon – that is, a cold of epic, world ending proportions. Sadly, I am experiencing said epic cold, and currently feeling quite stuffed up and sore throaty and all woe is me.

I’ve tried all kinds of things to tame the nasty virus within – cough medicine, lozenges, large steaming mugs of hot water with honey & lemon, cold & flu tablets, nasal sprays, vicks vaporub on my chest, and even the old wives tale of slathering it on my feet at night, under thick warm socks – verdict? doesn’t do much to stop coughing, but it does make your feet awfully soft. and mentholly.

Anyway, you might be wondering  – why is my tale of cold related woe anywhere near a tea blog?  T2 Liquorice Legs

Well, a tip from my naturopath that “liquorice root can help with a cough” lead me to track down herbal teas with liquorice root. As I rather vehemently dislike liquorice, I was really hunting for a tea that combined it with something lovely enough to distract me from the weird (to me) flavour. Probably not liquorice root tea as pure as naturopathically prescribed, but close enough for this coughing freak to give it a go.

I found T2’s Liquorice Legs. They say “Sweet, smooth and comforting liquorice is blended with fresh peppermint for zing and the sweet aromatics of fennel.” I say: it definitely has a strong liquorice/fennel aroma, but is minty enough to take the edge off the aniseed-y, fennel taste when you drink it.

They say: “its powerful digestive properties make it wonderful to serve after a meal.” I say: just sweet enough for me to drink 2 or 3 small mugs a day, trying to keep the itchy, gnarly cough at bay. anything digestive it achieves is a happy coincidence at this point.

Upshot? Sadly, I’m still coughing. But I’m also still slathered in vicks, trying the nose sprays periodically and taking cold & flu tablets. And I’m also still drinking this weird little new tea. For one, it’s good to mix up the honey & lemons and super strong english breakfast teas with something different. Two? every little bit helps, right?

How do you feel about liquorice? Any other cold remedy hints or tips you want to throw my way? Hit me up.