tea review: Twinings Green Tea with Grapefruit & Pineapple

In my continuing attempts to drink more green teas, I’ve added this little gem to my repertoire –  Twinings’ Green Tea with Grapefruit & Pineapple. Green Tea with a little other flavour – mint, lemon, and now sweet, tropical pineapple and grapefruit – seems to work for me.


Hmmm, I hope some of those wondrous health benefits of green tea still benefit when there’s a little extra something something masking the earthy, grassy green-ness somehow…

Anyway, as for this tropical green tea extravaganza, I can tell you it’s sweet without being cloying, and very fruity and refreshing. I often have it in the afternoon and its a terrific pick-me-up. I like steeping it for a smidge longer than you might a straight-up green tea, as it certainly isn’t as bitter, and a little longer means you get more of the sweet tropical flavours.

Seeing as we’re heading into the cooler months here in Sydney, maybe this tea is a nice way of holding onto a little bit of Summer…


tqotd: cuppa tea, cuppa tea, cuppa tea…

“Spike (to Giles) _ Oh, poor Watcher.

#5MWAFTF: Green Tea & Potato Heads

Meet fellow tea freak Hana, from the awesomely named Midnight Snacking Sheep –  a lifestyle blog, about everything really. Food, travelling, TV shows, books and beauty stuff, Hana’s aim is to share her life with her readers.

Today that includes her love of tea, and her rather adorable favourite mug…

Mr Potato Head! What’s your favourite type of tea?
I can’t live without green tea, specifically Japanese green tea. Something else I’ve been hooked on lately is Japanese “brown rice” tea (also known as Genmaicha).

Do you have a favourite mug/cup? If you do, show us!
My adorable Mr. Potato mug that was a gift of purchase. Makes me happy every time!

Do you have a tea routine? 
I almost have green tea first thing every day in the morning, and that’s about it. I can’t really have tea at night because I can’t sleep! (I sound like an old woman haha) During the colder months though, I basically live on tea to keep me warm.

I’ve also been trying a new tea called “Tiny Tea” for a tea-tox by http://www.yourtea.com, and have been drinking it routinely after meals. Can’t say if it works or not, but I might review it soon so stay tuned! (MelTheTeaFreak note: be sure to send us a link when you do!)

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Tomorrow is #5MWAFTT Day!

5 minuteswith a fellow Tea Freak

We’ll have another great #5MWAFTT up tomorrow – if YOU want to share your tea love with us, drop us a note at weareteafreaks@gmail.com.


tqotd: “I like the Irish way better…”


tea review: T2’s Melbourne Breakfast

I was recently gifted a box of T2’s Melbourne Breakfast tea – nice huh? I mean, celebrating a little personal milestone with tea – I APPROVE!

a spot of melbourne breakfast tea & a wee easter egg

a spot of melbourne breakfast tea & a wee easter egg

Anyway, the tea. It’s black tea, lightly flavoured with vanilla and honey – a bit like English Breakfast with a melted caramel dropped into it. As much as I love a bit of the sweet stuff, I was momentarily dubious on the vanilla/black tea combo. But, it really works! There’s still that slightly bitter black tea taste (particularly if you brew strong like I do) but it’s tempered with the buttery, sweet vanilla taste. T2 tells me it’s best at breakfast, but also goes well with a sweet treat like cake or pastries or fruit toast even, which I can definitely see.

Me? I like it as an afternoon pick-me-up, a little ooh-its-not-chocolate-but-its-still-sweet trick to the psyche, or even a dessert-fake-out.

What about you? Have you given Melbourne Breakfast a go? What do you reckon?

PS: Happy Easter from Tea Freaks! Have a goodun everyone!

#5MWAFTF: Toni talks tea & travels


Today, we’re talking tea with Toni from the very excellent “2 Aussie Travellers”. She rarely leaves the house without her camera and never passes up a good cuppa.  She’s passionate about photography, wildlife and the natural environment.  She loves to travel with her husband whenever and wherever they can and is currently focused on exploring more of Australia, Japan and New Zealand.


You can see more about Toni’s travels here on twitter, at her blog “2 Aussie Travellers” and read all about here tea-love RIGHT HERE.

1. What’s your favourite type of tea?
My favourite tea at the moment is Genmaicha but I am a bit fickle when it comes to my tea preferences.  Genmaicha is a delicious green tea and roasted brown rice combination from Japan.  It sounds a bit strange but it really is fabulous.

2. Do you have a favourite mug/cup? If you do, show us!
I’m very sentimental about this Royal Albert china teacup, it belonged to Nana who loved her tea too. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

It doesn’t go with anything else in my house but I like to have my morning cuppa in this one.  I know Nana would have approved of it being used not just cluttering up the cupboard and gathering dust.

3. Do you have a tea routine?

My early morning cuppa is a black tea, usually a nice strong Earl or Lady Grey.  During the day I usually sip on green teas, a spicy chai or an infusion of fresh ginger.  After a heavy meal or a dessert is the only time I enjoy a pot of peppermint tea but I don’t feel a good meal is complete without one. Continue reading