Tea Tales: all the tea news you can handle 25/05

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HOLD THE PHONES: The Brits aren’t the tea-drinking champs we all think they are. – poor old poms, lost out to Uzbekistan in the We Drink the Most Tea competition.

In cos’ why not news: PG Tips sent a giant green tea monkey down the Thames. – he’s actually pretty cute. does he entice me to drink more green tea? Hmmmm…

The oldest tea in the world on display in a Chinese museum. – found in the 2100-year-old tomb of a Chinese emperor. I bet its still delicious.

Kim Kardashian West used Twinings Earl Grey tea bags to dye her Cannes frock in the hotel bathroom sink. – I 100% never thought I would never, ever find cause to include KKW in a tea blog post… and yet, BOOM! 101 uses for earl grey (that don’t involve drinking it) #1 – dying your nude mesh slip under your posh as Cannes frock.

Well there you go, I learned something today folks.


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