T Totaler: tea cafe and store, Newtown, Sydney

insta t totaller 2

T Totaler is a groovy little tea cafe & store in my local area, staffed and run by owners Paul and Amber. On my first visit there – a particularly steamy, sticky Saturday afternoon – I partook in some cold brewed chai tea, and a truly delicious chocolate brownie.

chai and brownie

The cold brewed chai was a gorgeous amber colour, and really smooth and mild on the palate. The requisite spicy flavours were all there, but in a much milder way than a hot chai tea would be.

While I attempted to cool down and also not devour my brownie in record time, one of T Totaler’s owners explained I could make my own cold brew chai at home – and all I’d need was a bottle of filtered water, some chai tea and a fridge – INTRIGUING!

Both Paul and Amber were attentive and informative on my visit, with the DIY Cold Brew tip, and also info on all the different T Totaler blends they made and sold on the premises (and usually online too, though the store is currently on a ‘tea break’ while they’re in China & Japan stocking up ).

I decided to purchase two of T Totaler’s own blends – the Smokey Black and Chai Yoga – which come in these delightful (and reusable) glass apothecary jars. I figured I had to give the cold brew chai a go with T Totaler’s own chai. Stay tuned for how that turned out!

jars front close10

T Totaler was a really lovely experience, and I’m quite looking forward to another visit soon, especially now its getting cooler, and trying out some other delicious teas! And maybe a chocolate something too.


2 responses to “T Totaler: tea cafe and store, Newtown, Sydney

  1. This looks awesome I think I am going to have to go check it out. The tea almost looked like a glass of Rose! I could also never say no to brownies! Kate, Wondrous x

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