#5MWAFTF: Green Tea & Potato Heads

Meet fellow tea freak Hana, from the awesomely named Midnight Snacking Sheep –  a lifestyle blog, about everything really. Food, travelling, TV shows, books and beauty stuff, Hana’s aim is to share her life with her readers.

Today that includes her love of tea, and her rather adorable favourite mug…

Mr Potato Head! What’s your favourite type of tea?
I can’t live without green tea, specifically Japanese green tea. Something else I’ve been hooked on lately is Japanese “brown rice” tea (also known as Genmaicha).

Do you have a favourite mug/cup? If you do, show us!
My adorable Mr. Potato mug that was a gift of purchase. Makes me happy every time!

Do you have a tea routine? 
I almost have green tea first thing every day in the morning, and that’s about it. I can’t really have tea at night because I can’t sleep! (I sound like an old woman haha) During the colder months though, I basically live on tea to keep me warm.

I’ve also been trying a new tea called “Tiny Tea” for a tea-tox by http://www.yourtea.com, and have been drinking it routinely after meals. Can’t say if it works or not, but I might review it soon so stay tuned! (MelTheTeaFreak note: be sure to send us a link when you do!)

Any weird or wonderful new (or just new to you) teas you’d like to try?
I’ve been wanting to try the teas from T2 for quite a while. It’s not a very new store, but they have these weird flavoured teas like chocolate (I’ve smelt it, it’s literally like cocoa!), organic tea, and some specifically flavoured white/green tea. The packaging also seems to be well designed. Looks interesting to me!

Any fond tea-related memories you’d like to share?
As I mentioned I mainly drink green tea. However, my other favourite tea is English breakfast. I seldom drink it but when I do, it reminds me of spending time at my grandparents’ house. Every time I visit them, they would make “a cuppa” (as they call it), with the delicate traditional china teacups and a saucer, and they still use sugar cubes, haven’t seen those in a while. I would say my gran got me addicted to tea since I was little!

You can check out more of Hana’s musings on life and everything else  at her InstagramTwitterTumblr or at Bloglovin’.


One response to “#5MWAFTF: Green Tea & Potato Heads

  1. Thank you Mel! Enjoyed sharing my love of tea xx


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