tea review: T2’s Melbourne Breakfast

I was recently gifted a box of T2’s Melbourne Breakfast tea – nice huh? I mean, celebrating a little personal milestone with tea – I APPROVE!

a spot of melbourne breakfast tea & a wee easter egg

a spot of melbourne breakfast tea & a wee easter egg

Anyway, the tea. It’s black tea, lightly flavoured with vanilla and honey – a bit like English Breakfast with a melted caramel dropped into it. As much as I love a bit of the sweet stuff, I was momentarily dubious on the vanilla/black tea combo. But, it really works! There’s still that slightly bitter black tea taste (particularly if you brew strong like I do) but it’s tempered with the buttery, sweet vanilla taste. T2 tells me it’s best at breakfast, but also goes well with a sweet treat like cake or pastries or fruit toast even, which I can definitely see.

Me? I like it as an afternoon pick-me-up, a little ooh-its-not-chocolate-but-its-still-sweet trick to the psyche, or even a dessert-fake-out.

What about you? Have you given Melbourne Breakfast a go? What do you reckon?

PS: Happy Easter from Tea Freaks! Have a goodun everyone!


2 responses to “tea review: T2’s Melbourne Breakfast

  1. I love this mug!! There is an awesome Youtube Video on this story line with people from burning man festival saying a line each, I love to go and watch it if I need a little pick me up:

    Kate x

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    • meltheteafreak

      Oh, I *love* that video! You are so right about it being an amazing pick me up. And I really couldn’t pass up this mug when I spotted it the other week – its from Typo. Cute right? 🙂


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