#5MWAFTF: Toni talks tea & travels


Today, we’re talking tea with Toni from the very excellent “2 Aussie Travellers”. She rarely leaves the house without her camera and never passes up a good cuppa.  She’s passionate about photography, wildlife and the natural environment.  She loves to travel with her husband whenever and wherever they can and is currently focused on exploring more of Australia, Japan and New Zealand.


You can see more about Toni’s travels here on twitter, at her blog “2 Aussie Travellers” and read all about here tea-love RIGHT HERE.

1. What’s your favourite type of tea?
My favourite tea at the moment is Genmaicha but I am a bit fickle when it comes to my tea preferences.  Genmaicha is a delicious green tea and roasted brown rice combination from Japan.  It sounds a bit strange but it really is fabulous.

2. Do you have a favourite mug/cup? If you do, show us!
I’m very sentimental about this Royal Albert china teacup, it belonged to Nana who loved her tea too. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

It doesn’t go with anything else in my house but I like to have my morning cuppa in this one.  I know Nana would have approved of it being used not just cluttering up the cupboard and gathering dust.

3. Do you have a tea routine?

My early morning cuppa is a black tea, usually a nice strong Earl or Lady Grey.  During the day I usually sip on green teas, a spicy chai or an infusion of fresh ginger.  After a heavy meal or a dessert is the only time I enjoy a pot of peppermint tea but I don’t feel a good meal is complete without one.

4. Any weird or wonderful new (or just new to you) teas you’d like to try? 

It’s not so much a tea as a tea experience.  Next February we’re going to be in Kyoto for Baikasai and I’m so excited!  For just the one day each year during the plum blossom festival there’s an open air tea ceremony where Geisha from the Kamishichiken district prepare and serve matcha to visitors at the Shrine.  I can’t wait to take part in the ceremony and sip my bowl of frothy green tea.

5. Any fond tea-related memories you’d like to share? 

Gran and Nana both believed tea could cure everything from the common cold to a broken heart so I’ve always associated  the smell of black tea with comfort and family.  I think that’s why I still like to start my day with a few minutes of quiet and a strong English tea.  It sets me up for whatever the day is going to throw at me.


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