#5MWAFTF: Wondrous Kate and her tea love


Today in 5 minutes with a fellow Tea Freak (#5MWAFTF), our fellow freak is Kate, a Group Fitness Instructor with a Business IT degree. Over at her blog Wondrous  she looks to inspire people to lead active lifestyles and (enjoy doing it) by sharing her experiences and providing education and motivation. She loves learning and doing new things and really wants a puppy.  She also loves tea – YAY!


1. What’s your favourite type of tea?
Currently, I am totally loving Madam Fluttery T2 Tea. I was given the tea as a gift. I was initially a bit sceptic given how personal tea can be. My friend hit the nail on the head though, the raisins absolutely make the tea.

unnamed-22. Do you have a favourite mug/cup?
I definitely do have a favourite mug. I bought the mug in Disneyland, Tokyo on my travels there. I struggle with mornings as is. This mug definitely brings me cheer along with my tea.

3. Do you have a tea routine?
I have to say I am quite the sporadic tea drinker and often drink tea dependent on my mood. I will have the black tea that I currently love in the mornings. If I am feeling like a cleanse or am feeling sick (especially with a sore throat) I will often have a ginger tea with lemon and a dash of honey. If I am feeling like a freshen up or its warm outside I will go for a peppermint tea!

4. Any weird or wonderful new (or just new to you) teas you’d like to try?
Funny you ask this. Yes there is a (new to me) tea I would like to try. I actually have to give you a little back story first though. Growing up I hated liquorice the smell the taste, yuck! I totally cheated and ate strawberry liquorice. An old friend of mine, his father was a liquorice lover and he offered me a chocolate coated liquorice stick one day. I love trying new things (whether its fitness related or not) and I’m all for seeing if my senses or taste buds have changed. Surprise surprise, I loved it. You can see where this is going right. Liquorice tea, I am dying to try it.

5. Any fond tea-related memories you’d like to share?
My most recent fond tea-related memory is linked to my favourite mug mentioned above. After purchasing the mug (I am an impatient consumer) my travels lead me up to the snow in Hakuba, Japan. We arrived early snow season and had the hotel to ourselves for the week. So our buffet breakfast turned into a personalised breakfast by the lovely staff member there named Taku who we later became friends with. Each morning he would wash our mugs and have them ready in front of the tea and coffee station to use.


2 responses to “#5MWAFTF: Wondrous Kate and her tea love

  1. It was lovely talking tea with you! I was looking for a little tea-inspiration just last week, so I now write this with a tea in my hand (my favourite Madam Fluttery)! Kate, Wondrous


  2. meltheteafreak

    Ooh, having read what’s in the Madame Flutterby tea, I’m definitely going to have to give it a go too! So great to hear about your tea loves, and see your very, very cute Disney mug!

    Liked by 1 person

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