How do you brew?

As many wonderful teas as there are in the world, seems there’s
nearly as many different kinds of ways to brew your tea.
The big question is – do you strain, or do you infuse?
Me, I’m an infuser user from way back. But once you’ve settled on
a brewing method, there’s a further million types of infusers to
try out – silicon ones, stainless steel ones, clever little plastic
contraptions, even D.I.Y tea-bags.
Enough to boggle even the freakiest of tea freaks little minds!


So, we here at Tea Freaks have conducted an experiment of sorts, and can tell you what infusers work for us. We’d love it if you let us know what works for you – maybe theres something out there we haven’t tried yet! Or better yet, if you’re a Strainer-er, come tell me why thats the way to go.

infusers by weareteafreaks featuring a tea infuser

Mesh Infusers: I’ve tried both mesh tongs and ball infusers, and sadly,
the mesh came loose on both in a relatively short amount of time. Same with
the single cup mesh one. I also thought the clasp mechanism on the tongs and
the ball weren’t really all that.

Silicon Infusers: the great thing about silicon infusers is they come in such
super-cute shapes – a yellow submarine! a Manatea! Mr Tea! Alas, in my
experience, they don’t always close completely, so you often end up with leaves
floating around your cuppa – not fun.

Plastic Infusers: the only one of these that I’ve tried (so, not necessarily
a very scientific experiment after all!), is a great looking hot pink and black marvel
from T2 that scoops a single teaspoon of tea up and then clips back into a
cylindrical body. You stand that up in your tea cup and voila, a lovely
brew in just 2-5 mins! I tried it with the Sweet Dreams tea I reviewed here,
and found the small little particles of camomile tea dust escaped way too easy.
It worked better with larger leaf teas, like my black teas. So… win?

Stainless Steel Infusers: the outright winner as far as I’m concerned however
is the stainless steel single cup infuser, like this one from T2 also – the Merry Tea Infuser.
Obviously important to this Tea Freak!

I have also tried T2’s In the Bag, which are mesh tea bags you can place your own loose
leaf tea into. They’re definitely handy when you’re travelling, and want to take a
little bit of home with you. I tried them out when I was travelling interstate for work.
I put a spoonful of my night time brew into a couple of bags, folded over the tops,
and my tea was safe for travel, as well as brewing that evening.

So, tell us, how do you brew?


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