Melbourne’s Oriental Teahouse: dessert dumplings and tantalising teatails

After a tough Sunday morning scoffing bacon and eggs and downing coffees at one of Melbourne’s groovy little cafe’s (Streat, Flemington – social enterprise AND delicious foods), and a very strenuous wander around the Queen Vic Markets, it was time for a bevvy and a little snack to tide us over till dinner time.

We hit the Oriental Teahouse, for afternoon tea with a twist. Cool, thirst quenching teatails and white chocolate dumplings.

I ordered the Shanghai Sensation. And boy, was it ever. Southern Comfort, Triple Sec, Cranberry juice and English Breakfast tea – sweet, fruity, zesty and delicious.

sunday afternoon teatails

sunday afternoon teatails 

My buddy chose the Campari Treasure, and if I liked Campari (alas, I do not) I would’ve tried it for myself. She tells me it was sweet, slightly bitter, citrusy. The tea in this one is one of the Teahouse’s signature teas – Calm & Concentration, which you can buy there at the restaurant/store, or online.

I decided to procure another of their signature tea blends – the Relaxing one. It’s sort of sweet, with liquorice, wolfberry fruit, peppermint. It also has chinese dates and ginseng, and so far, I’ve found it a lovely early evening tea.

As for those white chocolate dumplings? I admit, they look kinda weird and gelatinous, but boy, they sure do taste good. Soft gooey dumpling, encasing warm, melted white chocolate, topped with coconut and peanut praline. Oh yeah, they were pretty good!

tantalising teatails and dessert dumplings

tantalising teatails and dessert dumplings


7 responses to “Melbourne’s Oriental Teahouse: dessert dumplings and tantalising teatails

  1. Wow those white chocolate dumplings sound amazing!

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  2. ive heard about this place before but I think I’ll defiantly try it now. Thanks for the review sounds like a great place 😊

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    • there’s a couple of them to check out too – Chapel Street, Little Collins. Chadstone and Melbourne Central. We were at the Melbourne Central one. I think next time I’m down in Melbourne, I’ll have to try out a different tea-tail and about 6 more dumplings 😉


  3. I absolutely love this place!!! I go there at least twice a month! The pork soup dumplings are mouthwatering!! My favourite tea is the iced peach Melba. X

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  4. Oh, how I do love a soup dumping! I’ll have try those and the iced peach melba next time I’m in the ‘Bourne!


  5. My Kitchen Stories

    Sounds like you had the perfect day.


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