To sleep, perchance to dream – A review of T2’s Sweet Dreams

I recently started paying a bit more attention to my bedtime routine. Previously, I’d go to bed at different times of the evening, often quite late. And like many, I used to spend almost every minute up until falling into bed, eyeballing some kind of screen – iPad, TV, computer – reading Twitter, or catching up on Facebook. I didn’t really have a routine. More a collection of bad habits, things to distract me from switching off from the day, from signalling my brain that it was time for sleep. But just like toddlers, we can all benefit from a sensible bedtime routine. For me, that means going to bed at the same time every night (at least week nights anyway), no screens for at least 30 minutes before bed time, sitting and reading a book (an actual, real paper and pages book) and drinking a nice, soothing cup of tea, specifically designed to help set me up for a restful nights sleep.

Sweet Dreams are made of this. This being chamomile, apple, silver lime flower and lavender...

Sweet Dreams are made of this. This being chamomile, apple, silver lime flower and lavender…

For a while, I just went with decaf black tea. But then I spotted T2’s Sweet Dreams, and despite a life long assertion I don’t like chamomile tea (one of the main ingredients in Sweet Dreams) I figured I’d give it a go. Happily, it certainly seems to do the trick for me. Its a fairly sweet tea, but not a fake-candy sweet, more a fruity sweet, no doubt helped along by the apple and blackberry leaves. The chamomile flavour – that slightly perfumey/floral note I’m not overly fond of by itself – is definitely there, but subtle enough not to disrupt the warm, calming effect. Each evening, I make a small cup of Sweet Dreams, and then drink it while reading the next chapter in Dave Sedaris’ “When You Are Engulfed in Flames” – perhaps not the most calming read, but an entertaining one. I’m certainly noticing it’s then a lot easier to fall asleep. So much so, that I made sure I took it with me when I was travelling interstate for work. If it can help me fall asleep in a strange hotel, then extra points to T2 and their Sweet Dreams. T2 has a couple of other relaxing/sleepytime teas that I might have to try at some point – Sleep Tight for example, which is actually chamomile free – with lemonbalm, jasmine flower, lavender and rose petals instead – but hey, I’m onto a good thing with Sweet Dreams, maybe I won’t mess with that! What’s your bedtime routine? Do you have a particular tea you drink at night time? Let us know! Mel The Tea Freak


7 responses to “To sleep, perchance to dream – A review of T2’s Sweet Dreams

  1. What a great post! In this coffee culture I think tea is very much under rated. Look forward to what else you have to say about this delicious beverage 🙂

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    • You know, I am partial to a soy cap first thing in the morning, but coffee certainly doesn’t have the same emotional value tea does for me. And its no good at bedtime! Thanks for reading 🙂


  2. What a great post. Tea us very much under rated in this coffee obsessed society! Will look forward to what else you have to say about this delicious beverage 🙂


  3. I can totally relate to the concept of being attached to my phone/computer until 10 minutes before bed. I’ve been trying to have earlier nights and a few ‘technology free’ nights lately, particularly during the week. I’m not a big tea drinker but I love the idea of a quiet pre-sleep ritual like a warm cup of tea and a good book. Thanks for the idea. 🙂

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  4. Oh, technology free entirely! Thats a great effort, well done! This bedtime tea ritual really has helped me, I reckon its worth a try for you too.


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